The workplace: Strategise to excel in the New Year

It is barely a month into the New Year. This is thus the time to assess performance as an individual employee in particular, and generally as an organisation. How you have fared in the last 11 months will inform your next decision and actions for end- year and 2016.

In academics, every level is examined to assess a learner’s ability to comprehend classwork. In secondary schools, the third term, sometimes referred to as the promotional term, is critical. It determines a student’s chances of proceeding to the next level of learning or having to repeat a given class after failing to excel.

Similarly, it is a compelling reason for organisations to assess how they have performed at the end of the year. This exercise will explore a company’s performance against the set targets, key lessons and a strategy for improvement. On the other hand, the assessment will inform senior company managers how to reward excelling staff at the same time offer practical solutions to curtail non- performance.

Early planning is a recipe for good performance. Therefore, as a manager, you do not have to wait until January or February to plan for the New Year. No. Planning starts now. It’s not a one- man job, though. Quickly, assemble your teams to plan. Set a new business strategy for the year and ask questions about what every team requires to achieve that given target. Remember, as the chief driver, your team will expect you to play along. Be available. Delegate some authority where necessary but ensure timely delivery of set targets.

As an individual employee, your role in ensuring that the company achieves its goals is supreme. The manager will set the momentum but teams play a huge role in implementing top decisions for better results.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.