The Uganda sugar deal stinks to high heaven (Daily Nation (Kenya))

President Uhuru Kenya and Uganda’s President Museveni signed various deals meant to spur economic growth between the two countries.

However, it would be prudent for the government to make the trade agreements public, so that Kenyans can position themselves to benefit.

Making the matter public will also allow Kenyans to scrutinise whether the deals were meant to benefit a few or to promote genuine business.

Already, some Kenyans have started grumbling about the sugar deal, which was, indeed, ill-advised.


The signing of a treaty between Kenya and Uganda to allow Ugandan sugar into the country is really strange.

This is a clear indication of how hypocritical our government is.

Days after giving Mumias Sugar Factory Sbillion for its revival, cheap imports from Uganda will paralyse its operations and those of other factories.

The move will also cost us jobs. We have been taken for a ride.


It is apparent that one of the reasons that have led to the dire situation the sugar industry is facing is the flooding of cheap imports from other countries, especially from Brazil, by cartels run by powerful figures in government. The President may have opened the floodgates to more of these imports.

Besides, questions have been raised about whether Uganda’s sugar meets the rules of origin. There are fears that the sugar from Uganda may be originating from other countries before it reaches Kenya.


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