The Rise of New Dual Miners Technology

HELSINKI, Finland, April 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dualminers ( is excited to announce the official introduction of three mining rigs that have the potential to change the worldwide crypto industry. Dualminers has used ASIC chip technology to create three solutions that are pre-configured for ease of use and promise a return on investment in as little as one month, led by some of the most experienced specialists in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

DualPro, DualPro Max, and the most recent DualPremium are the company’s current products, which support profitable operations on the blockchain of choice. Please visit for more information

The Dual Miner team consists of seasoned industry professionals.

Dual Miners is a chip design and manufacturing firm established in London, with offices in Finland, South Korea, and Australia. It has a number of teams with in-depth understanding of, among other things, Blockchain technology and technological design. The company provides graphics processing units to consumers in addition to providing crypto wallet development services. On three continents, the company has offices. Due to its extensive experience in the market, Dual Miners has acquired a solid name in the Blockchain industry.

When making a purchase, pricing and availability are critical elements to consider.

As a result, Dual Miners will cover both shipping and import duties, allowing consumers to spend no more than the cost of the device and obtain everything they need to get started without incurring additional fees. Our competitors have been defeated in their respective markets, and consumers are now aware of this. Their capacity to use our electricity or benefit from our incredibly low electricity prices has been stymied. Despite our small size, we have a lot of mining power; on average, the DualPremium generates 60 TH/s for Bitcoin and 2.1 GH/s for Litecoin. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Michael Scott, Dual Miners’ Operational Director and Chief Operating Officer.

About Dual Miners

Dual Miners Inc. was formed in 2015 with the objective of inventing and selling the world’s first leading dual Cryptocurrency miners that utilise either SHA-256 or Scrypt technology, respectively. We set out with the DualPro to give more power at a lesser cost than previously available. Dual Miners’ headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, and the company has offices all around the world. On the website, you may find out more about the company.

Michael Scott

(+358) 41 4001034


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