The right bedsheets for the occasion

After planning the programme for guests who will be living with you for a week, drawn the menu, done your thorough cleaning…gasp! You realise that the bedsheets you were counting on are not only insufficient but they have done their time.
It is something you told yourself you were going to sort but never got round to! And so the drama of choosing the right bedsheets kicks in are you going to try second hand or go to the shops and hope that when they say it is pure cotton or silk, it really is?
Choosing the right bed sheets depends on a number of factors. For example, if you are buying for a hotel, they have to be colour white unless its a very well established hotel that can get away with off-white and in the finest quality of cotton (Egyptian cotton) or silk. If they are for persons who experience various allergic conditions, then pure cotton is the safest choice if not you are free to try fabrics with mixed ingredients like polyester, viscose etc.

Choice of colour
The colour choice varies from person to person. If they are for your home, you are pretty much in full control of this situation. But if they are for guests, whom you will host from time to time, then you need to consider things like their tastes and preferences. You don’t want your guests cutting their visit short because they can’t get a good night’s sleep!
To avoid this, stay away from patterned and heavil- coloured bed sheets. Stick to plain and white or pastel colours. If you cannot stand plain bedsheets, then settle for those that are very lightly patterned. This creates a neutral ground for those fussy guests and those who love design.


There is the thread count thing going on – 200 thread, 400 thread, 600 thread.. These sheets are usually more expensive than the cotton sheets because the thread count represents the number of thread woven into a square inch of the bed sheet, away from the ordinary. The more thread count, the higher the price!
However, there is a disaantage to this. The more thread count, the less air spaces for air circulation, which means the fabric will hold more moisture and scents than your regular cotton sheets.


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