The CSC asks the media to no Longer broadcast the song “Safi” from May 11

The Superior Council of Communication has asked the media not to broadcast from this Thursday, the song ''Safi'' by the artist ''Blem'', which the councilors find it rude, obscene and discriminatory.

The Superior Council of Communication (CSC) invites all media managers to take appropriate measures to refrain from broadcasting the song "Safi" from this day May 11, 2023, informs the institution in a press release received by the AIB.

For the CSC, the complaints of attacks on moral and educational values, modesty, good humor and the dignity of the human person (in particular women), reproached to the song, are founded.

As a reminder, the artist-musician Blem, whose song is twice nominated for the annual high mass of Burkinabe music (Les Kundé), is in the crosshairs of feminists for the lyrics of its title, sung in the national language Mooré.

In ''Safi'', the artist gives thanks to God that the girl who rejected him for better-off people, has gone mad and at the mercy of all men.

On his Facebook page, Blem explained three days ago that the lyrics are not to be taken literally and are chosen for their musicality, to educate sons and daughters to be worthy sons and daughters.

Despite these explanations, the regulatory body considers that the remarks are rude, obscene and contain other shortcomings relating to racial or disability discrimination.

As a reminder, the CSC spoke after being seized by three human rights organizations including the Coordination of the collective of feminists of Burkina Faso and the Pananetugri Initiative for the well-being of women.

On March 23, the Superior Council of Communication had asked the audiovisual media not to broadcast the title “SOTRACO” by rapper Toksa, deemed denigrating for the image of the Ouagadougou public transport company.

Source: Burkina Information Agency