That ‘sexy’ tight under garment could bring you trouble

By: Jamila N. Mulindwa

Smartness is a necessity for most women even if it means them being uncomfortable in tight clothes as long as the mirror shows them that they are smart, they will be happy.

When it comes to fashion, women can risk anything even their lives just to be smart as a result, many put on tight and uncomfortable clothes in the name of being smart and smaller than their real size.

However, what they forget is that anything misused, can affect them badly. The same goes for wearing tight clothes like knickers, bras and garters.

You might argue that in the Victorian age, corsets were used by women to feel smaller, beautiful and fit in those tight dresses because of size.

However, they had consequences towards their health. Nowadays, women have turned to wearing tight bras in order to get those amazing breast shapes, but they forget the risks involved.

Dr Charles Kimera, a gynaecologist with Fort Portal Regional referral Hospital and a lecturer at the University of Namibia, says: “Tight bras can be risky to woman because the risk of getting an infection under the breasts is high. This can turn into a serious health issue resulting in complications like fungal infections because the skin is squeezed into a very small space.”

He adds: “Tight bras can also reduce the amount of breast milk in case the woman is breastfeeding because there is little space for the breast to expand for milk production.”

Apart from the above, tight bras can cause tension to the entire body. The gynaecologist explains that sometimes the shoulders will hurt because the straps are tight.

Dr Kimera adds: If the bra is tight, the pressure it exerts on the back can cause back pain therefore when picking a bra, get the right size, and not because it looks good.”

Besides bras, some people wear garters to look smaller. But the problem with garters is that if they are too tight, the chances of getting chest pains and back pain are high.

“The muscles are squeezed which results into pain, especially when seated. More so, the possibility of suffering malnutrition is high because food consumption is limited.”

The doctor explains that with such bad eating habits, acquired abdominal pains are a guarantee. These normally happen three hours after eating.”

He adds that in extreme cases, one can faint if the garter is very tight. “The circulation of blood can be limited due to the tightness of the garter around the stomach and back.”

The same goes for knickers. “It’s very important to pick the right size and material,” says Dr Kimera.

He explains that nylon knickers are not good and it gets worse if they are tight because they do not allow air circulation and this can lead to the manifestation of candida.

Dr Kimera says candida is caused by a fungus known as albicans which is a normal vaginal flora.

“However, this fungus can turn dangerous if there is a condition conducive for it like wearing tight knickers. This is because when you sweat, there is extra moisture and if the knickers are nylon, the private parts will become a breeding ground for bacteria causing the infections.”

He adds that you can also suffer skin infections especially on the inside of the thighs because the knickers are tight, the skin gets irritated which leads to itching.

Therefore, while you need to be smart, being healthy is also very key. This is why you need to put your health before smartness.

Source: Daily Monitor

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