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"Terrorists don't have diplomas but fight highly qualified people. We need to reorganize to adapt to the enemy," Captain Ibrahim Traoré - Uganda Newswire

“Terrorists don’t have diplomas but fight highly qualified people. We need to reorganize to adapt to the enemy,” Captain Ibrahim Traoré

The President of Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré said Thursday during the major interview granted to national television, that the army must reorganize to adapt to the enemy who has no diplomas but fight for great graduates.

“We understood that being a fighter has nothing to do with diplomas. Terrorists as they are, do not have the 1st military degree,” said President Ibrahim Traoré adding that the conception of rank military recruitment based on the degree was imposed.

“We saw that it was not the right one and it must be restructured. We must recreate an army that meets our expectations,” he said.

According to him, the conditions of the last recruitment are different from those which existed for a few years.

“We asked ourselves a few simple questions that you can also ask yourself. When we want to recruit a soldier we are told that we need the Certificate of Primary Education (CEP). Anyone who has the CEP is just someone who can read and write the French language. How is this a criterion of combativeness? he wondered.

He continued that when a soldier is recruited to have the stripe, the certificate of weapon n°1 or n°2, it is imperative that he knows how to read and write in French.

For example, Ladji Yoro (peace to his soul), for him, he is a ready-made officer. He had hundreds of men he led into battle, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can read and write.

“There is this conception of the thing that you must first have. So we have to restructure, reorganize to find other types of units to adapt to the enemy's combat mode, ”said Captain Traoré.

He further noted that the equipment also goes hand in hand, "because people have perverted some ideas by insinuating that we said that these are small logistical problems, but we solved them".

Ibrahim Traoré recalled that, in the past, “you had in the army four to five soldiers with a Kalashnikov. When people were in the field, those who left to relieve them came to pile up in Fada or Kaya to wait for others to bring back weapons and other means of equipment before they left”.

“Today every soldier is able to have a Kalashnikov and its chargers, a vest and a helmet. That was the little logistical problem. It is resolved,” he concluded

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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