Terror suspects to appear in court


The 19 terror suspects that were arrested over the weekend operation by joint security agencies are to appear in court , the deputy police spokesperson, Polly Namaye has said.
“We are still holding 19 of them and they will appear in court, and that should be very soon,” said Ms Namaye in an interview with Daily Monitor.
Ms Namaye confirmed the number of suspects as 19 saying they were arrested after intelligence information led the police to their cell in Kisenyi, a Kampala suburb. Ms Namaye however declined to reveal the details about the suspects saying it would jeopardise police investigations.
“We are not holding them in one prison cell we keep moving them to different cells for security purposes. She said adding that: “We are currently keeping their information to ourselves because we believe that will help us succeed in our investigations,” Namaye said.

“Terrorists do not work alone we believe the group has been working with other groups either within or outside the country, and so, we want them (suspects) to help us know who they were dealing with.” She added.
Uganda, which is a major contributor to the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), a joint force that is fighting the al-shabaab militants, has been a target of the terror attacks having suffered a major attack that claimed at least 80 lives and injuring several others while watching a world cup match on July 2010.
The al-shabaab terrorists have kept Uganda on alert after warning of revenge attacks following the death of the group’s leader’s.
“We are trying hard to avert any kind of terror from happening in our country, we therefore urge the public to utilise their vigilance by remaining vigilant and reporting to police any suspicious people and items,” Namaye said.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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