Teachers’ pay to be cut over results

By: Abubaker Kirunda

Iganga: Authorities in Iganga District are set to either hold or pay half salary to teachers whose schools continue to produce poor results in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

Iganga District was listed among the worst performing districts in the just released PLE 2013 results.

The Iganga District LC5 chairman, Mr Shaban Nkuutu, said the poor performance was as a result of automatic salaries that the teachers have been getting from the central government.

However, Mr Nkuuku said the unfortunate part for the teachers was that the government recently changed the system of salary payment from the centre to the districts, and that Iganga will use this to tame poor performance.

‘’We had run out of control of these teachers owing to the fact that their payments were coming directly from the centre. But now that it’s the district to pay them then we be holding their salaries for poor performance,’’ Mr Nkuutu said.

He also cited lack of teaching by teachers in lower classes as another factor for his district’s poor performance, saying teachers know that serious teaching begins in Primary Seven. Mr Nkuutu said teachers in lower classes blame those in upper classes for the many failures.

Mr Nkuutu said to solve the problem of the blame game between teachers, the district resolved to have one teacher lecture the same subject from Primary Four to Primary Seven for a given class so that nobody says those teaching the candidate classes mishandled pupils.

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