Tanzania Paint Firm Eyes Uganda (allAfrica.com)

Tanzanian-based paint manufacturing company Insignia Limited has announced intentions to sell its products in Uganda.

“The developing real estate’s sector in Uganda is big opportunity for Insignia as a company because their products which range from paints and coatings are of good quality and environmentally friendly which reduces the Incidences of indoor pollution,” Patrick Munguti, the Assistant Technical Manager said.

According to Kalpesh Chavda the General Manager International Business at Insignia Limited the paint company is in the process of completing documentation with the relevant government agencies. Oncde this is done they will be able to begin setting up the plant which is expected to cost them $ 4 million. He said their products are very competitive when it comes to pricing.

Munguti told East African Business Week Insignia plans to enter the Ugandan market in couple of months’ time as the country presents great potential and good prospects for their wide range of internationally accredited quality painting products.

He said the lucrative pickings in the real estate’s development business in Uganda provides comprehensive market for their products, as it’s in other countries in the region where they have penetrated the market.

Insignia offer wide range of paint products such as coral paints and Glaxy paints which products are eco-friendly with low zero to Volatile organic compounds( VOC).which makes them safer for people’s health especially children.

The technical manager said their products do not contain added lead, arsenic, chrome and, mercury which can be harmful especially to children.

VOC are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries. VOCs can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. However some paint manufacturing companies have been making paints which contain such added lead, mercury this espouses peoples live to various diseases.

The World Health Organization says that professional decorators are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer. Various scientists have proved that hazardous substances such as arsenic, lead, and mercury results to development of cardiovascular diseases.

Munguti said, “That is why Insignia since 2012 has been the leading paint company in Tanzania to manufacture Eco- friendly paints this has helped the firm to penetrate more markets in the region because our paints are harmless to people’s lives and Environment.”