The Police in Mpigi has in custody a 16year old, female adult, Nakato Ritah, for the Aggravated Defilement of an 8 year old male juvenile of Top class nursery.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in October, 2019, at Mpigi Town Council, Mpigi District, were the suspect called the victim, and asked him to take her clothes inside her room. She followed him into her room, removed the victims trousers, stimulated him into an erection and sexually molested him. The victim while narrating to his mother indicated how the act happened twice within the month of October, 2019.

He further described how the act started with the fondling of his male organs, and progressed into an act where his sexual organ was inserted inside the suspects private parts. The matter was reported on 31/12/2019 after a narrative from the victim to her mother on the 28/12/2019.

We would like to offer a reminder that parents and caretakers should always be vigilant and closely monitor movements of their children and in particular with known persons. Most acts of sexual abuse and grooming are initiated by known persons to the family.

It is meanwhile possible there are more people out there who could have been victimized under similar circumstances and we would like to use this opportunity to encourage them to come forward and contact the police.

Source: Uganda Police Force


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