Students attack locals after match loss

Gulu. Students of Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School in Gulu District at the weekend turned rowdy, destroyed property worth millions of shillings and assaulted people after losing a rugby game to Gulu High School.Sir Samuel Baker had gone for a friendly rugby match which they lost 14-0.The incident, that happened on the Gulu-Kitgum road at around 6pm, left one bus belonging to Homeland Bus Company destroyed. Two mini vans and four other cars, including a government vehicle belonging to the Gulu Remand Home, were also damaged.

The Aswa area police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Jimmy Okema, said the police dispersed the students from the areas where they had wreaked havoc and also cordoned off the school premises to trap the students. “We have so far detained 104 students. They will help us in investigating the matter cordially,” Mr Okema said.

He added that reports from Sir Samuel Baker pointed that the game had been cancelled by the games and sports prefects, but the students went ahead to play against the school rules.Mr Okema said the students arrested are still being investigated and will be arraigned in court and charged with malicious damage to property, robbery and assault.

Last year, a group of students from Negri Secondary School Gulu, allegedly destroyed and looted property on their way to school after losing a football match to Layibi College in Pece Stadium.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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