Student found hanged in Nabbingo dormitory

Shock gripped Trinity College Nabbingo on Thursday morning when news spread that a student had been found dead , hanging by a mattress string in one of the school dormitories.

It was reported that an S3 student, Mariam Kamwaka, had committed suicide after she was asked to repeat S3 as she had failed to qualify to be promoted to S4 and sit the UCE exams.

At Mulago mortuary where the body of Kamwaka had been taken, deputy head teacher Betty Mwesigwa said she was hearing of the claim for the first time. “I do not think that is the reason, if it was, she could have done it at the beginning of the term, over a month ago,” she said. Schools opened for the new year at the beginning of February.

According to Mwesigwa, Kamwaka woke up on Thursday morning and as was routine, went for breakfast with her fellow students. She later reported to class.

“At around 10:30 at the start of break time she went to the library and borrowed a book. She later went for break tea. After that, she must have gone to the dormitory because towards the end of break, another student found her hanged with a piece of twine, the kind they use to tie mattresses.

It is this friend who raised the alarm and the first people who responded to it, found that she was already dead,” Mwesigwa narrates.

The deputy head teacher clarified that while dormitories are locked around break time students can collect the keys from the matron in case of emergencies. “We are not yet sure what she told the matron, but she must have given a convincing excuse,” said Mwesigwa.

The police later came and collected the student’s body which was taken to Mulago for a post-mortem. Kamwaka’s mother who was at the mortuary was struck with grief, and declined to speak to the press about the demise of her firstborn child.

Mwesigwa said fellow students who had seen the 17-year-old in her final hours did not notice anything odd about her behaviour. Kamwaka had also not had incidences in the school. “It is all a shock,” she said.

The deceased is likely to be buried on Sunday in Bukomansimbi. “We have to wait for her father who is out of the country,” said headmistress Nakatte Kikomeko.

Source: Daily Monitor

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