Studded T-shirts

T-shirts are the easiest attire to wear. Show your style statement by putting your thoughts into the design with studded T-shirts. The studs come in different shapes and sizes.

You might prefer one with a heart shaped on it, or with words to express how you are feeling. There are also some, that have Disney World characters, which are more appropriate for fun at the beach. Nature lovers can go for those with pictures of trees or animals.

The studs come in rhinestone, metal, and glass acrylic forms. Depending on where you are wearing the T-shirt to, it can be heavily studded or have a light smattering of glittering studs around the chest area.

For office chic, the light studs will do. Because rhinestone looks precious, T-shirts with these studs are worn to parties at night to give a dazzling look.

The fabric material may be leather, silk or cotton.


Depending on your bargaining power, a T-shirt with heavy studs goes for Shs70,000-80,000 uptown.

A T-shirt with light decoration can go for Shs 10,000-50,000 for both cotton or leather fabric. The same can be bought downtown for less than half that price, regardless of the fabric.


•To maintain longevity of the T-shirt, fold it with the studded surface facing upwards.

•Do not wash in warm water because it melts the glue used for studding.

•Studded T-shirts can be given as Christmas or birthday gifts.