Stop discrimination in schools

True as it may be that Uganda is becoming a giant in the field of education in East Africa, I invite the Ministry of Education and Sports to investigate the widespread practice of discrimination against students whose performance is considered average.
The selfishness and greed in this country is leading some of the so-called first world schools to give special treatment to students they think will perform well and thus offer good publicity to their school. After a series of internal exams, they focus on those students they believe will score a first grade.
And the others? They sell them off to other centres so as not to tarnish the image of their school when the final results are released. At the end, you have a school boasting of having had 99 per cent of its candidates pass in first grade and nobody will be told that the same school forced a number of its students to register at another centre!
The gullible parents are given explanations such as this: “Our centre was too full, that is why we sent your child to another sister centre”. This is a shame! It is just a question of creating an image of a great school and getting more money. It has very little to do with educating the Uganda of tomorrow. Worse is the fact that even some schools which pride in having a religious foundation are engaging in the unjust practice.
The Education ministry should investigate this blatant discrimination and severely punish the culprits. Parents should be courageous enough to name and shame these unworthy schools.

Achilles Kiwanuka Kasozi,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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