Statement On Kyarenga Extra Concert

The police have today, Sunday, April 21, 2019, informed the promoters for the Kyarenga Extra concert, that it will not risk securing their planned music concerts, due to their failure to adhere to the stricter safety guidelines and site infrastructure concerns at the selected venues.

We want to inform the public that the previous Kyarenga concerts, had poor track records that were characterized with multiple incidents, related to public nuisance due to overcrowding, thefts, violation of traffic rules and various misconducts, which were not only a breach of law, but also a danger to the revelers and the lives of other members of the community. As a result we called for better safety measures during our meetings with the promoters.

We want to inform members of the public that, despite the elaborate and clear guidelines with the promoters, regarding their preparations, manner and conduct, during the concert, as well as the safety and security demands from their side; our intelligence picked up information that the event was still a risk to public safety. The promoters totally failed to meet the proactive harm minimization measures agreed upon to help address potential eventualities that might arise due to overcrowding.

As responsible citizens, we urge the promoters to take police advice and the safety of revelers seriously, by suspending or stopping the concerts, until such a time that robust public security and safety mechanisms are put in place, to secure the revelers and other members of the community, who may be affected by such music concerts.

The safety of revelers continues to be a top priority and the new procedures will strengthen and standardize the security and public safety practices, at major music events and venues. We pledge to continue working with all musicians, their promoters,agents and owners of venues, in secure environments, which do not present any safety risks to revelers and the public at large. All our territorial Police Commanders have been informed accordingly, to ensure no planned concerts are carried out in insecure environments.

Any inconveniences that could have been caused are highly regretted, as we look forward to better coordination, cooperation and compliance in future.

Source: Uganda Police Force

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