Start with what you have

When coaching or training people in the art of public speaking I always aise them to start with a bang. To start strong because it grabs the attention of the listeners and sets a pace for what’s to follow. It sounds logical in the speaking context but in other areas, it does not always work that way.
Here are some examplesyou earn Shs1m per month and you promise yourself to only start a business with a bang by waiting until you get Shs150m to start a super market. Well, you might wait for a very long time. You go for driving lessons, secure a driving permit and swear to only drive your own big car yet your own income is too small to buy a boda boda. Your driving permit might expire before you get there.
One of my favourite sayings is “start with whatever you have from wherever you are”
You can start from a “smal” school if that’s what you can afford for now and still become powerful, influential and successful. What matters most is how you end and not how you start. True, a good beginning usually leads to good ending but no one has ever said that a bad beginning always leads to a bad ending. Oh, and a small beginning doesn’t always end up as a small ending. There are countless stories of people who started small and yet ended up in the big league. You can be one of the stories worth counting regardless of your current station in life.
Here is another reminder of a saying I bet you are familiar with – “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that matters”. And that, my friend, is the challenge. It’s not just how, when and what you start with that matters the most but rather, the size of your vision, the dedication and the willingness to fight up to the very end until your dream comes true that will have the biggest bearing.
Often times, God and life offers you and me a test – “can you handle this? Can you prove to me that you are a great steward with the little that you have before being handed bigger things? Prove to me and I will provide greater and bigger territories for you to manage. This is a test. If you pass it, you will be taken to another level”
Tend your little garden, for in it lies a great agricultural enterprise. Tend your little monies, for in them lies a greater fortune. Tend your little job, for in it lies a great career. Tend your little shop, for in it lies an amazing supermarket. Be great a steward. Value whatever you have from wherever you are. Just start and keep going. Keep investing. Keep expanding. Keep improving. Keep growing. Start is the green light to your greater future.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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