Star Trail – Kiyingi Offers Kagingo Shoulder to Cry On

As Sarah Kagingo, the special presidential assistant on communication, tries to weather job-related troubles, she has found a shoulder to cry on.

The latest to offer her sympathies is none other than Asuman Kiyingi, minister of state in charge of Regional Affairs, who implored her to remain firm.

Kiyingi on Monday waxed lyrical on his Facebook page: “Listen, my dear. You know pepper. Don’t you? You know how hot it is! Have you ever considered the fact that there is a worm that stays in pepper despite its hotness? How does the worm stay in the pepper? How does it manage to stay there – for days, weeks and months? Not only does it not die, it appears to thrive on the pepper. The hotness of the pepper hardens it instead of weakening it. No hardship, therefore, is too great for man to bear and no difficulty is insurmountable.”

Kagingo has issues at her State House post, and while she was firefighting there, the maid at home also caused drama of her own…

What’s up, Touch FM?

Star Trail is not sure about what’s happening at Touch FM, but there is definitely something cooking at Kampala’s rock station. First, there was the announcement that the station’s Bigger Breakfast duo of Mistrie and Maggie would be leaving the show and a competition dubbed “the search for a new Bigger Breakfast” kicked off, although there was no word on whether the two would be staying on at the station at all.

As a result of this search, there are now a number of new voices on the radio’s frequency, and the station’s regular listeners have noticed changes in the station’s overall sound, especially an increase in the amount of rock music it plays. Is it a full return to the station’s original rock roots?

All these changes are in someway tied in with a countdown to November 1. This countdown is ticking throughout the day’s programming, as well as on the station’s website,, and followed on Twitter at #959countdown, though no one appears to know just what it is they are counting down to, or what exactly is going to happen come November 1.

Our sources at the station are being tight-lipped about what to expect, but insist it is going to rock us to the core. Well, ears to the ground.

Afrigo serenades golfers

The 2014 Tusker Malt Uganda Open ended on Saturday, bringing an end to six days of a scintillating and competitive golf tournament played at the Uganda Golf Club. To mark the successful end of the tournament, organisers put together a prize-giving dinner at Sheraton hotel, Kampala.

The dinner was attended by the top executives from different industries and sectors. Uganda’s oldest band, Afrigo, was the night’s entertainment doing what they do best. After the prize giving, it was time to feast as the band played in the background. They later turned the tempo up, getting the distinguished ladies and gentleman on their feet till late.

Sheebah, Pallaso to unveil new hit

They are on their way to becoming another dynamic duo. Sheebah and Pallaso, the president and first lady of ‘Team No Sleep’ as they call themselves, are proud of their latest hit, Go Down Low, which is rocking chats. And with the KCCA festival coming up on October 5 at the Railway gardens, the pair has been booked to perform alongside other local artistes.

Over the weekend, the duo was in studio and they confirmed to Star Trail, they will be unveiling their hit at the festival. Let us hope the song will get KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi to twerk like she did at the last festival.

Just a Band coming to town

Kenya’s all-boy band, Just a Band, is jetting into Kampala this week ahead of their performance on Sunday at the seventh edition of Blankets and Wine. Just a Band is a Kenyan housefunkdisco band whose career was launched with their debut album, Scratch To Reveal, in 2008.

It is known for exploring different genres including jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. The band will be performing alongside Brian Mugenyi, Ruyonga and Congolese guitar maestro Charmant Mushaga at the Tusker Malt Lager-sponsored event at the Uganda Museum gardens.

Source : The Observer

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