Star Trail – Bedbugs Now At KCCA [analysis] (

Last week Star Trail realized the need for a yellow fever vaccination, so, off to KCCA Star Trail went.

If you have ever been a recipient of the yellow fever vaccination card pre-KCCA times – the fee back then was Shs 10,000 and one walked away unvaccinated, but with the card needed for travel to some countries – you will be pleasantly shocked by the honesty at City Hall.

Not only do you pay Shs 100,000 for the immunization, you also trek three flights of stairs to the responsible health office for forms, then out to DFCU bank to make the payment and then back three flights up to the responsible office for more receipts, before going to the KCCA clinic at the back for an actual jab!

Anyway, that is not the only thing that blew tired Star Trail away (seriously though, Madam Musisi, install lifts. Eh!)

On the third floor that has various health offices, some officers were engaged in a heated argument in the corridor. The field officers were refusing to use their official car for work, because it had bedbugs!

“You have to fumigate the car again. I am not getting into it,” one lady said.

A man, possibly a supervisor, answered jokingly: “I may now have to fumigate individuals! One of you keeps bringing the bedbugs back.”

The lady said she knew who was responsible for ferrying the bedbugs from their home, but she was scared of confronting them.

Hmm, government recently carried out mass fumigation of bedbugs in Makindye after a public outcry, kumbe… !

Star Trail hopes for an invitation to cover the “individuals fumigation” though.

Amos Wekesa takes Ondaba campaign to Museveni

Many increasingly know Amos Wekesa as the face and sound of Uganda’s tourism. His passion for destination Uganda is unmatched. The boss of Great Lakes Safaris has appeared on many media platforms talking about Uganda, but his main platform is Facebook. He is yet to embrace Twitter.

His recent campaign, Ondaba (Luganda for ‘you see me’) has taken many of his followers by storm. The idea is to take a picture showcasing the beauty of Uganda in any way.

It started with just wearing apparel with Uganda written on them, but it has since spread to promoting different places and activities.

And the Ondaba campaign landed in State House on Monday morning!

Star Trail has learnt that the meeting was set up by Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda when Dutch football legend Patrick Kluivert jetted into the country. Wekesa is seen in an online photo posing with Museveni and Kluivert while holding a Uganda Cranes Jerseys.

He also confirmed that Uganda Cranes will play a select side of Barcelona FC legends. Uganda will get a lot of visibility if such a move comes to pass.

Journalists drown in Uganda Waragi

As Uganda Wa celebrated 50 years of being the number one spirit, a group of journalists were invited to partake of it. The venue was Trends Bar last Friday at 3pm. Yes. 3pm.

So a couple of thirsty journalists hit the venue even before time, but of course the real drinking did not start till after working hours. Then it went on till late.

Call it a weekend of UG mixing and enjoying the aftereffects.

So, editors, if your reporters turned out on Saturday (assuming they turned out at all) looking bleary-eyed and still high, you know whom to blame.

Speaking at the event, Grace Nshemeire-Gwaku, Marketing and Innovations Director at Uganda Breweries, said the brand should be celebrated for still being vibrant five decades later.

“We have therefore chosen to use this celebration to reaffirm the brand’s stature with a stunning, iconic and world-class new bottle,” she said.

Yeah, Uganda Wa has a new look.

Who was Gaetano texting?

Throughout Lillian Mbabazi’s concert held at Serena hotel last Friday night, Gaetano Kagwa, Uganda’s representative in the debut season of Big Brother Africa, could not keep his eyes from his phone.

It seemed as if he was giving live updates to someone on the other side of the phone. All he did was get up to take photos and record video clips then retreat back to his texting.

Only towards the end of the show, when things really got heated up on stage, did he feel the vibe and get into the mood of the whole thing. Up to now the million-dollar question is: who was he texting?


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