PRETORIA, Public Service and Administration Minister Faith Muthambi says South Africa holds China in high regard "for the very warm" ties of fraternal relations which exist between Pretoria and China.

Speaking at the Chinese Embassy celebrating 20 years of Hong Kong's "return to the motherland", Muthambi assured China that South Africa and the continent at large have an invaluable partner in the fight against poverty and inequality.

We believe that our political and economic relations will go from strength to strength and further, find new ways of continuing and increasing investments in each other's economies with the common goal of achieving development and eradicating poverty, the minister said.

Muthambi said co-operation between South Africa and China on other critical issues such as the reform of multilateral institutions, financial governance, the global economy and climate change remains paramount.

Together, with all developing nations of the South; we need to collaborate and work towards a common goal.

Hong Kong has over the past two decades grown and matured as China's renowned international city, the minister said.

Muthambi said the success of Hong Kong and Mainland China has undoubtedly proven that the One Country, two systems works.

The successful implementation of One country, two systems has allowed the Region to seize new opportunities for further economic development.

Many in other parts of the world were cynical about perceived different models of development, different systems and ideological orientation. What you proved is that these were not mutually exclusive, the minister said.

A group of about 30 South African public servants will travel to mainland China in November 2017 to attend training, as per the signed Memorandum of Understanding.


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