Solve South Sudan-Uganda border wrangle amicably (Daily Monitor (Uganda))

August 11, 2015

The recent clashes at the borders of South Sudan and Uganda are a big shame to us in Lamwo District in particular and the country in general. Historically speaking, this land belongs to Pajok clan in Magwi county, as the border of Uganda is indeed at Limur River and the other side is in South Sudan.
This unfortunate turn of event has been fuelled by greed of a few individuals, who have taken the opportunity of lawlessness in Northern Uganda and South Sudan, to sell or rent the land.
The perpetrators have sold and rented out some of the land to people from Paloga, Agoro, Padibe, Madi Opei and some as far as Palaro in Kitgum. These people’s hope is that with peace in both South Sudan and Uganda, they will profit from the land. The involvement of the local leaders is aimed at a long-hatched plan to create Ngomoromo as a county in future. The two communities of Lokung and Pajok have lived in harmony for generations without any conflict in the past because both clans know that the borders are at Limur River, as demarcated by the British. Land issues are prevalent in Uganda because of population pressure. The solution does not lie in land grafting from neighbouring countries, but in encouraging family planning to control population growth. If the land graft continues, there will be more wrangles.
The leaders of the two clans should be encouraged by both governments to sit down and assess the boundaries rather than resorting to confrontations which could be catastrophic. This land issue will never end if amicable solutions are not found. Local leaders should take the lead to encourage these clans to meet and sort out the land issue. Insults, name calling and incitements by our local politicians will not yield any positive results.
Paul Okello,
Kampala- Uganda


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