SNC Bobo 2023: Minister Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo invited to Mali

The Minister of Crafts, Culture, Hotel Industry and Tourism of Mali, Andogoly Guindo, invited his Burkinabè counterpart in charge of Culture to the biennale of Malian culture scheduled for next July in Mopti in the center of the country.

The 20th edition of the National Week of Culture (SNC) Bobo 2023 which runs until May 6 is likely to extend into July for the Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism, Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo.

He received an invitation from his counterpart in Mali to attend the Malian Culture Week scheduled in two months.

"Very soon in Mali, there will also be the artistic and cultural biennial which is a major event that has been taking place for more than 60 years in Mali," said the Malian minister.

"I therefore take the opportunity to invite my dear brother to this celebration of Malian and African culture planned in Mopti next July", he continued.

He sent this invitation on Sunday April 30, 2023 on the sidelines of the second evening of the Grand Prix national des arts et des lettres (GPNAL).

The Burkinabè and Malian authorities attended the second evening of performances by the artists in competition for the GPNAL.

Appreciating the artistic performances he attended, Minister Guindo noted "the vitality, depth and diversity of Burkinabe culture".

“This second night of the GPNALs showed us very fascinating facets of this rich Burkinabè culture. Through performances in the fields of modern and traditional music, we have seen the full density of Burkinabe culture,” he added.

The Malian Minister had just attended the performances of the Akilisso orchestras of Comoé and Glory of God of Oubritenga and that in the category Star of the traditional song of Guitanga Kkoro of Yagha.

In light of what he has observed of the artistic performances since the opening ceremony, Andogoly Guindo has found similarities between Burkinabè and Malian cultures.

"Our two countries share a thousand-year-old cultural heritage," he said.

Source: Burkina Information Agency