Sissili/ Promotion of renewable energies: A new project explained to human and animal health actors in Léo

The medical and surgical center Dr Sedogo de Léo, in partnership with the association operieren in Africa organized on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 within the said health center, an information and awareness workshop for the actors of the human and animal health on a new solar project "called sophia" to promote renewable energies in the province of Sissili.

Leo's information and awareness workshop for human and animal health actors follows the mission carried out on March 14 and 17, 2023, in Cap-Town in South Africa by the director of the Medico-Surgical Center, Dr Sedogo by Leo, Omar Ouedraogo.

This mission allowed Mr. Ouédraogo to take part in the meeting for planning and projecting activities in the future, alongside other colleagues from Uganda, Cameroon, Malawi, South Africa and the Swiss.

During the work of the workshop, the participants were entitled to a presentation on the character of the "Sophia Project" made by the lecturer Dénis from the University of Makerere in Uganda.

According to the Ugandan communicator, this pilot phase of the project concerns four countries, namely Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Malawi and Uganda.

For him, the creation of this new solar project "called sophia" aims to improve the cold chain in the various health facilities for the proper preservation of pharmaceutical products.

He indicated that the "Sophia Project" essentially comprises 03 components, namely 2 containers for the cold chain and one container for water recycling.

According to the director of the medico-surgical center, Dr. Sedogo de Léo, Omar Ouédraogo, the implementation of such a project makes it possible to meet the challenges related to electricity and drinking water supply.

“We do not have adequate infrastructure to properly store vaccines, blood products and other pharmaceutical products. But also for the treatment of water in operating theaters”, he added.

Mr. Ouédraogo specified that the "Sophia project" for a period of five years benefited from the financial support of the European Union.

And to add that in Burkina, it is the medico-surgical center Dr Sedogo de Léo which was chosen for the implementation of the pilot phase of the project.

Omar Ouédraogo indicated that the project will also benefit from technical assistance from 2IE. According to him, the implementation of the pilot phase will determine its implementation in the other localities of Burkina.

The head doctor of the Léo health district, Dr Aboubacary Abdou, was delighted with the implementation of this innovative approach which will not only allow better care of patients in health facilities, but also contribute to reducing medical evacuations. to hospitals and to improve the quality of the care offered.

"We welcome this windfall at its fair value and express our gratitude and recognition to the partners for this noble initiative and the choice made for the medical and surgical center", he said.

He, on behalf of the entire Léo health district, thanked the director of the medical and surgical center, Dr Sedogo de Léo, Omar Ouédraogo and his privileged partners for having associated his structure with the project.

The Secretary General of the town hall of Léo, Saïdou Ouédraogo welcomed this initiative at its fair value. He also said that he took note of the project which is beneficial for the communities.

"With its facilities we will be comfortable in the care of patients, so we will no longer need to turn to other centers like Ouagadougou to meet our needs for distilled water", continued Omar Ouédraogo,

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the Ugandan speaker Dénis who spared no effort to have agreed to come to Léo to accompany them.

Source: Burkina Information Agency