Shelving your books

By: Jonathan Adengo

Bookshelves are more than just a place to store your books and accessories in a home. They can be a design element and a point of attraction in a home.

When determining which shelves to use for a home, it is important to know what is going to work for you by understanding the different types and where to get them.

Accent Shelves

These are more simple shelves that are mostly used for decorative purposes in a home. They can be wooden, metallic, plastic or even glass and are mostly used in the living room areas. They can accommodate magazines, flower vases, picture frames, small sculptures, magazines and other light pieces that you want to display in your living room. These cost from Shs25,000 to Shs90,000 at most interior show rooms. You can get one at Shs200,000 from Biplous Uganda Ltd located in Ntinda.

Open ended shelves

This is a two sided bookshelf that is open on either side. These are basically for storage of books and are best suited for the home office. However, they can also hold items like vases. These go for Shs200,000 from Lifemate Furniture.

Hanging shelves

These are mostly used in the living rooms and suspended in the air using a chain string or bar metals. These can also carry other decorative accessories in the house and can also be a main point of attraction in the living room if well placed. The hanging book shelves can also be attached to the wall with screws.

Custom made

These are usually the most preferred by many home owners as they can order for something that suits their taste and preferences. Bookshelves can be made at various carpenter workshops. Depending on which furniture shop you go to, they can make one for from Shs80,000 to Shs250,000.

Abstract shelves

These are book shelves that can usually take on any shape. They can be rectangular, curved and come with many different compartments. The abstract bookshelf has many compartments of different sizes that can accommodate different sizes of books, flower vases, framed photos, art pieces among others that one would wish to store in them. And as such they widen the category of storage because they can take on almost everything depending on what you want to store. Marino Pagril, an interior designer says these can easily go by the wall with in the living room or along the corridor.

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