Security in Kenya and Uganda Tightened Amid Fears From Alshabaab

The commander of UPDF, General Katuma Wamala warned that the new Alshabaab leader is planning to attack Uganda, American interests and the other troop contributing countries to AMISOM.

General Wamala said the security forces of Uganda were alerted so as to prevent such attack. He said the AMISOM contingent from Uganda is also afraid of attacks from Alshabaab. He said there is also much security concern in Uganda itself as Alshabaab may particularly be harder on Uganda as Ugandan forces were leading in the recent attacks against the group. In a recent visit to Mogadishu, General Wamala said the Ugandan forces assisted the US government in the killing of the Alshabaab leader Ahmed Godane. They directed the drones to where he was.

Elsewhere, the Kenyan security forces were also alerted as intelligence officials warned of imminent attacks by Alshabaab inside Kenya. Anti Terror Police Unit said people in Mombasa and Nairobi may be used by Alshabaab to carryout attacks in Kenya.

However, the spokesperson of the Kenyan Police Masud Mwinyi did not explain whether they found threats or not. On the other hand, the spokesperson of KDF, Bogita Ongeri said KDF have enhanced the patrolling of the Kenya-Somalia common border.

Source : Dalsan Radio

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