Schools should embrace rules

I applaud the government in line with the private schools rules as indicated in the Daily Monitor of August 29, 2014 where it aised how private secondary schools should be started and who should start them.

I recommend that those to start them should be graduates with enough requirements recommended by government in order to avoid any future distortions of ones planned “aim” to lead it to a complete “abortion”.

In doing so, they need to consult the government to inspect them and give them good aise which will lead them to entire success for good prosperous future. This will lead them to find licences to start the business easily.

However, I ask the proprietors in particular not to be threatened by the government issue termed “tough rules”. I treat this as a parental aice and a guideline for your better future plans.
I, therefore, ask the public not to look at the rules with a contempt eye but with one of appreciation.

I also humbly appeal to government to pay attention to jobless youth who want to be job creators but have limited funds.

If, for example, such youth leave school and have some capital, the government should try as much as possible to supplement their little funds so as they can start from a reasonable base.

Retired Rev. Edward K. Kakyenkye Bwizibwera,
Kashari, Mbarara

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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