Sarova Mara Game Lodge getaway treats

On your arrival you are welcomed with cheerful hosts, Maasai men adorned in their traditional attire of checked lesu, and wooden decorative spears tied to their waistline security is assured.

The smiles are accompanied with warm handshakes and towels to wipe the face of the dust from the drive.

As you exchange courtesies, more hosts make their ways with trays to serve you with a glass of fresh juice to guests. You will then be led to the reception area where your eyes will wander because the architecture is something to marvel about given the creative fusion of neatly-vanished mahogany fastened by strong ropes with a wooden floor.

The interior
The numerous photographs on the wall show the Maasai jumping high in their traditional dance. The Maasai still respect and proudly uphold their values. Little wonder they live in one of the world’s wonders, the Maasai Mara.

Besides the numerous beautiful photographs at the reception area is a mini monumental board under which is a message English business magnate and investor, Sir Richard Branson, left on one of his visits to the Mara camp in praise of the facility and his memorable experience in the Mara.

Sarova Game Lodge’s manager, Francis Msengeti says, “He assisted Sarova Mara Game Camp in the continuous sponsoring of Sekenani Primary school by building two dormitories matching two the staff had already put up at the school. Part of our mission is to improve the lives of the communities.”

Annexed to the reception is a welcome lounge one freely enjoys coffee, tea or a meal as you read a novel or bond with your sweetheart. From this spot, you can see the swimming pool where tourists like to relax, sunbathe or take a dive in the crystal clear waters, aligned with trees and well -manicured lawns dotted with flowers and demarcated paths.

The paths lead down to the river, of still waters with reflections of the trees’ green on its banks. There is a bridge that you use to cross to get to the rooms. Visitors find this a good background for photography. There are sitting facilities at the bridge for those who would like to relax by the river.

Please do not go alone if you are a family person for the lodge has family tents which are two-in-one, with a spacious common lounge. They are partly canvas and partly concrete inside which are big and comfortable beds. Given the coldness, there are warming facilities provided.
Also, you will feel at home given the accommodative staff. And for tasty food, John Maina, the chef is friendly, hilarious and seasoned. He made Ugandan meals for us, of mugoyo (sweet potatoes and beans) as well as matooke. All this in the heart of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in South West Kenya, 260 km from Nairobi.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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