Sanguié: Life regains its right in the town of Dassa

Timidly but surely, life has resumed its normal course in Dassa since March 2023. And this thanks to the FDS and the VDP who keep an eye on the safety of the souls who live there. . Report.

Currently in Dassa, the time is no longer for desolation or for saving money.

Indeed, since March, the inhabitants of this town located 34 km from Réo, who had deserted the place because of repeated attacks by armed terrorist groups (GAT), have mostly returned to their land.

Every day that gets up, the inhabitants go back to their usual occupations.

The market which is located in the middle of the village is somewhat lively thanks to vendors of donuts, pancakes and cakes.

A little ahead, other people (sellers and buyers) bustle around large piles of mangoes.

The shops and other drinking establishments are not left out.

Further on, a mechanic under his shed makes himself useful. It's true that attendance is still shy, but we can see that the economic sector is trying to revive itself as best it can.

After the market, a little further west, are the public services.

At the town hall located less than a kilometer from the market, the president of the special delegation and his collaborators are on site. The offices are open and waiting for potential users.

From the town hall, we head for the primary inspection.

The head of the basic education district, K. Pascal Ouédraogo, reassures us that work has resumed since April 17 both at the inspection and in the schools inside Dassa.

According to him, the other schools which are still closed, will resume service.

Everything is done in concert with the heads of the parents' offices so that parents who have already returned to their homes can allow their children to return to school.

The task is not easy because people still have fear in their stomachs because of what they suffered during the four attacks of the GAT between mid-December 2022 and the end of February 2023.

All in all, not everything is rosy yet, but thanks to the presence of the FDS and the VDP who are keeping an eye on things, confidence and resilience are gaining ground, concluded Mr. Ouédraogo.

The circle has been completed with the health and social promotion center (CSPS). Also, it works. A few patients seated on a bench take turns returning for the consultation.

On the way back, we came across the Pointoua de Réo association, which had come to pay a courtesy visit to the IDPs from Dassa who had moved to Réo in the meantime.

And Joseph Badolo, head of the said association, to rejoice in the fact that the IDPs were able to return to their land.

Most of the IDPs who have returned to Dassa, he notes, whom we visited are calm and going about their business.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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