Resolutions of the Emergency Meeting of Makerere University Council4th March 2020

During its emergency meeting held on 4th March 2020, the University Council considered the report of the Legal, Rules and Privileges Committee on the matter of the proposed amendments to the Students Guild Election Regulations.

Council noted:

That during the emergency meeting of 29th October 2019, the University Council requested the student leaders to submit their proposed amendments to the election regulations in writing;

That the students' written proposals were received on 19th February 2020 more than three months since Council requested the students to make their submissions;

That the Guild Elections had been extended on request of the student leadership to allow time for consideration of the proposed amendments to the regulations;

That the Legal Rules and Privileges Committee did a commendable job to study the student proposals and present a report for consideration of Council;

Council Agreed:

To approve the following amendments to the Makerere University Students Guild Constitution (Elections) Regulations No.1 of 2018

To revise the definition of hooliganism to remove the word noise as follows:

Hooliganism means violent, rowdy and or vulgar behaviour towards others or the public and includes wilful destruction of property.

To provide for the following definition of student:

Student means a person registered for an academic programme at Makerere University for an academic year with full semester loads.

To insert regulation 5(a)(viii) as follows:

Shall not be a student in his or her final year of study.

To insert regulation 5(a)(ix) as follows:

Shall provide a certificate of academic standing issued by the Academic Registrar.

To amend regulation 5(b) to read as follows:

5(b) A student aspiring for a position in the Guild Representative Council (GRC), Students Common Room (SCR), College Academic Leadership, Electoral Commission or as a Guild Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Guild Clerk or Deputy Clerk, shall fulfill all conditions in 5(1)(a) above except 5(1)(a)(iii) which shall not be a mandatory requirement.

To insert regulation 5(c) as follows:

A student shall not be appointed to a position in the Guild cabinet unless he or she fulfils the conditions in 5(1)(a) above except 5(1)(a)(iii) which shall not be a mandatory requirement.

To amend regulation 5(2) as follows:

All intending candidates shall be verified and issued a certificate of Academic Standing by the Academic Registrar within seven days from the time when the student applies for the same from the Academic Registrar.

To amend regulation 7(1) to read as follows:

Any aspiring candidate, for the position of Guild President, GRC/ Hall Chairperson and SCR, shall pay a nonrefundable nomination fee of UGX. 200,000/, UGX. 80,000/ and UGX. 50,000/ respectively to a designated University account and no club, society, organization or any other organ of the Guild shall charge a fee higher than UGX. 200,000/ to any candidate to contest for any position of leadership.

To insert regulation 7(2) as follows:

All aspiring candidates who comply with all the provisions of these regulations shall be issued with a certificate of nomination by the Electoral Commission.

To remove regulation 7(5) on number of rallies

To amend regulation 7(5), which is now regulation 7(6) to read as follows:

The open Guild presidential campaigns (rallies) shall be held within designated spaces of the University Campus but not within the Halls of residence or places designated as lecture space. The Electoral Commission in consultation with the Dean of Students and the Director of Estates and Works shall designate and gazette the areas for the rallies provided always that any candidate during a campaign period shall be free to go and campaign within any space at the University in accordance with these regulations.

To amend regulation 7(8), which is now 7(9) to read as follows:

All rallies and debates shall take place within 10 calendar days at the stipulated campaign venues and shall take place between the hours of 3pm 6pm, during weekdays, and between 8am6pm, during weekends/Public Holidays.

That take immediate effect and be gazetted immediately.

Source: MAKERERE University


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