Residents flock Tororo Hospital to see conjoined twins

Several people flocked Tororo government hospital yesterday morning to see conjoined twins born by a 38-year-old woman. Unfortunately, the conjoined baby girls, born to Ms Florence Kigen and Mr Charles Okecho, died 20 minutes after they were born. The couple hails from Iyokango in Rubongi Sub-county, Tororo District.

This was the first pair of conjoined twins registered in the district. According to Dr Agustus Oguttu, who monitored the progress of the babies at the hospital, if a scan had been conducted and the problem detected much earlier, they could have referred the case to Mulago hospital and possibly, the babies could have survived.

“We tried in vain with the midwives to save the babies’ lives by resuscitating them as we arranged fuel for the ambulance to transfer them to Mulago hospital. I am only happy that the mother is alive,” said Dr Oguttu.

Ms Kigen said the babies could have survived if her husband, a businessman, had been a little more supportive. “When I came for antenatal for the first time in December last year, midwives aised me to conduct a scan, but I never had money. When I returned in January, the same thing happened, but my husband told me he had no money,” she said.

She said this was the seventh delivery and that all her other six children are healthy.However, Mr Okecho said he failed to provide the money for antenatal because he had problems of school fees to clear. “But I praise God for saving the life of my wife. It shows that God indeed loves her,” he said.

Source: Daily Monitor

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