Remodelling the kitchen bit by bit

By: Carol Nambowa

With several months to the end of 2014, you can set out to remodel your kitchen now and have it done before the year ends.

Maybe your kitchen has just the sink, fridge box and worktop and you would like to add things like a spice cabinet, glass compartment, oven compartment, accessory set, several drawers, cooker, steriliser and several other things. Or you might have these things but they have become worn. If not, there are other parts of the kitchen you can consider remodelling and they include, the ceiling and floor of the kitchen.

Agnes Nanyanzi the sales manager at Hwan Sung furniture showroom and Resty Namuddu the sales and marketing manager at Footsteps furniture give some ideas on what you can add to your kitchen as you remodel it.

Work tops Kitchen work tops come in granite and marble. They are available in different colours but granite ones are heat resistant while work tops made of marble are easily stained. A kitchen work top is where all the cutting and other kitchen activities are done. Therefore before you choose your work tops, consider what kind of work you will be doing on them.

Fridge box and oven space These are spaces where the fridge and oven are placed so that they appear in-built. They help the kitchen look more organised with each appliance in its own space, allowing easy movement around the kitchen.

islands The island is like a table usually in the middle of the kitchen hence its name. This table can double as a kitchen work top and a mini dining table. In case you are in a rush, you can have dinner in the kitchen area and not necessarily at the dining table. Islands can be made of marble, granite or wood.

drawers and cabinets These are made out of hardwood (mahogany) and MDF boards. Mahogany is more expensive but lasts longer than MDF boards. To protect the drawers from water, which they are exposed to in the kitchen, consider putting a plastic membrane on the drawers since it makes it easy to wipe them down. If you get drawers in a colour you feel does not match the rest of the room, repaint them in a colour that matches the room.

Spice rack While many people prefer to place the spices in a convenient corner of the kitchen. Today, there are spice cabinets that will make your kitchen look more organised. The trending ones are the ones which when pushed back, look like a drawer but can be pulled out to reveal several layers which can accommodate containers or spices. There is also a pullout unit, with stainless steel shelves. It can be used to store things like spices, dry food stuffs and other things.

Shelves You can use these to keep your recipe books. If you go for open shelves, you can keep glasses, plates, bowls, dishes, making it easier for you to access them. The shelves can also be for decorative purposes by putting flowers in vases in there to bring colour to the kitchen.

others Other things you can add to the kitchen include the accessory set for towels, step stools, glass unit for storing utensils and a sterilizer, especially if you have little children, whose utensils need to be extra clean.

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