Quick remedy : how to deal with pimples

We all have different perceptions about pimples. For instance, when I was a child, my mum would say pimples were a sign that a person was transiting from childhood to adulthood. So, what exactly causes pimples?

Dr Andrew Ojuka, a general practitioner at Nsambya hospital, says pimples develop when there is a blockage of follicular glands that secrete oil meant to keep the skin smooth. Dr Ojuka says all people are prone to pimples, although some develop them more than others. He says the face, chest and back are the most affected parts of the body.

“When the glands are blocked, it can lead to bacterial infection, which results in painful pimples,” says Ojuka. At puberty, males and females are said to produce sex hormones, which increase production of sebum. Too much sebum blocks pores, which in turn cause pimples.

Prolonged use of drugs, especially those that treat allergies, goiter and family planning contraceptives can also increase a person’s risk of developing pimples. “This is because some of these drugs have hormones, which increase sebum production,” says Dr Ojuka.

A person with pimples is aised against pressing them, as this only intensifies the swellings and lead to bacterial infections.
“Keep the face clean from dirt and always use light body creams that do not block the pores,” adds Dr Ojuka.
Drugs such as retinoid can also help to open closed pores, but should be used only after doctor’s prescription.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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