Python invades village in Mpigi


Shock and fear gripped residents of Nvule, Katebo village, Buwama subcounty in Mpigi district when a python was spotted in a compound of one of the homesteads in the area.

Ms. Teopista Kisakye, a resident in the area narrated that she saw the snake swallowing a cock and eggs.

“It was one of the most spectacular and unforgettable moments in my life I have ever witnessed,” she said.

The python, estimated to be up to 5.2 feet long and 58kilograms in weight was a day later captured by the officials of the Wild life Authority.

The UWA conservation warden, Ms Goreth Kiyai said that the snake will be cared for and used to attract more tourists in the country.

“We have rescued it from the angry residents who wanted to kill it,” Ms Kiyai said.

She encouraged the community to always call on UWA officials for help whenever such snakes or dangerous animals attack them in their villages.

“Instead of injuring or killing them, call us because we ar to conserve and protect all wild creatures and safeguarding the community,” Ms. Kiyai added.


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