Pupil confronts district chairperson over pit latrine

A Primary One pupil of Namwaya Primary School in Nagongera Sub-county Tororo District yesterday surprised a school assembly when he tasked the district chairperson, Mr Emmanuel Osuna to explain the circumstances under which their school operates without a pit latrine.
Mr Osuna had paid a visit to the school to find out how much the school is doing towards the feeding of children.

Massey Omalla, 8, accused the district leadership of risking fellow pupil’s lives by not giving an alternative pit latrine to the school to replace the collapsing eight-stanza pit latrine.
Omalla’s remarks came after the district chairperson asked the pupils to state any problem they are facing and which is most likely to hinder their performance at school.

“Mr Chairperson, we know you as one of our leaders promoting hygiene and sanitation in the district but what do you feel about our collapsing pit latrine?’’ Omalla asked in the local language.
According to the school’s deputy head teacher, Mr Domisiano Oboth, although the school has an enrolment of 946 pupils, it does not have a pit latrine, a situation that has forced the pupils to use people’s gardens.
He said despite correspondences to the district, they have not received any feedback and they cannot close the school since this is the third term where all classes are supposed to do promotional exams.
Mr Osuna acknowledged the problem and pledged to intervene but blamed it on the laxity of the school management.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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