Public service officers still have a lot to learn about good customer care

My letter was inspired by Daily Monitor’s September 17 Letter of the Day titled “Provide toll free numbers to report poor service delivery”.

In addition to what the writer shared, I implore the appointing authority to enforce good customer service at all levels. I personally witnessed a senior citizen being rudely interrogated at a public office he had gone to for help.

If it were up to me, this officer and others with such uncouth business behaviour, would have been out of work that very day. The appointing authority should hire people with the right attitude.

Several times, you go to a public office and you keep getting referred from one office to another, and back. This is very frustrating.

Instead of referring especially the old who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs, why not make use of the telephones at the desks? Or even better, make use of the long vacations students have, let them have hands on work experience or industrial training, and spread out a tent, align officers to collect whichever data is missing over a set period of time, and enter it in database?

In short, before one assumes any office, in addition to being cautioned against late coming and absenteeism, let the appointing authority emphasise zero tolerance to poor customer service because it has an impact on the delivery of other related services.
Ruth Kabahweza

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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