President Saïed calls for release of two young students arrested over satirical song

Before leaving for Saudi Arabia where he is expected to attend the 32nd ordinary session of the Arab League Council, President Kais Saïed said he was "surprised" by the arrest of two young students in Nabeul over posting a satirical song on social media.

"No motive can justify the arrest of students during exam preparations," said the President of the Republic.

The prosecutor's office in Nabeul issued two detention warrants against two students, Youssef Chalbi and Diaa Naceur, and decided to bring them to justice next Tuesday, May 23, 2023, after they posted a video of a satirical song on social media.

They are accused of harming others via social media and attributing incorrect facts to a public official

In the presence of Prime Minister Najla Bouden, who accompanied him to the presidential airport, the Head of State said that "these arrests, as well as other excesses that have taken place in other court chambers are totally unacceptable", reiterating his call to the judiciary to do its best to accomplish its mission, that of applying the law.

"We are against any form of interference," he insisted. However, it is inconceivable that those who have looted and stolen from the country can enjoy impunity and move freely around the country while innocent young students are detained.

"Let it be clear to all, we hate injustice and we denounce any form of degrading treatment of our students and our people," Saïed pointed out, calling on "honest judges" to join the national liberation battle waged by Tunisia today.

"I am deeply convinced that honest and upright judges cannot tolerate yesterday's incident," he said, referring to the arrest of two young students.

"Those who have stolen and looted the country and relentlessly seek to implode the state and society are outside prison while others are incarcerated over a song played at home."

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse