ARUA (UGANDA), President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to Ugandans to "learn discipline", saying the recklessness on roads is hurting the tourism sector.

He said bodaboda and taxi drivers using the roads recklessly "are going to undermine our efforts to bring more people to Uganda".

"Indiscipline will scare away people. The Police must insist on the proper road code," Museveni told a large crowd at the Boma grounds in Arua town during the NRM Liberation Day celebrations on Friday.

"Do not overtake when you are not supposed to overtake and do not drive on the pavement because it for pedestrians. I have heard investors complaining about drivers in Uganda."

The President said one of the pillars his government is using to accelerate socio-economic transformation is promoting social discipline. "Uganda will develop faster because we now have electricity - unlike in the past. I appeal to Ugandans to learn discipline," he said.

"We are going to eliminate the few criminals that are there by improving the infrastructre," Museveni said on a day marking 32 years since the National Resistance Army (NRA) that he led came to power.

Ontop of Uganda's already established record of being welcoming, Museveni said social discpline will "enhance our reputation internationally".

"Tourists bring in a lot of money. In 1986, tourists were zero. You are now getting 1.5 million tourists - not very high, but it better. They are bringing in $1.5b. They will bring in more if we are disciplined in the town," the President added.

On a fairly warm day in Arua, about a seven-hour drive from the capital Kampala, guests in various capacities had by 8:00am local time started making their way to Boma grounds for the event.

Among the high-profile people that attended was Vice-President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

Ministers, Members of Parliament (Uganda and East Africa), religious leaders, foreign dignitaries, students and others were also there.

Hundreds of Ugandans were awarded medals of various categories for their role played in the liberation and transformation of the country.

The medal including the Rwenzori Star, Masaba Star, Luwero Triangle Medal, Police Medal and Golden Jubilee Medal.

Speaking about the country's growth in democracy over time, Museveni said Uganda "is one of the most democratic countries in the world" and he is "not about to receive a lecture about democracy from anyone".

"We brought back representative democracy that had been taken away and we expanded the spectrum," Museveni added, saying groups such as the youth, disabled, workers and soldiers, were considered.

The President was also critical of Ugandans' dependence on imports. He said the Government plans to support youths so they in turn create jobs for others.


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