KAMPALA, President Yoweri Museveni has assured Ugandans that the country is peaceful and there will be no problem ahead of the 2016 general elections.

He advised Ugandans to remain calm and carry on with their usual chores. Museveni, however, warned that those who threaten to cause violence would be restrained.

The President was reacting to comments by Esther Magagga, a lay leader from Nshwere, Kiruhuura district, who said in the current political environment, some Ugandans seem to be at odds with one another over subscribing to different political parties.

The President, who was accompanied by his wife, Janet Museveni, attended a service on Christmas day at St. Luke Church of Uganda, Nshwere in Kiruhuura district. Rev. Emmanuel Kwesiga led the service.

Turning to the local community, President Museveni warned them against overstocking their farms, saying apart from starving the cattle, it also leaves the land bare. He encouraged them to embrace paddocking and plant quality pasture to enable their cattle produce more milk.

The President stressed the importance of household income to ensure quality livelihood in homesteads. He also revealed that the Nshwere Road would be worked on in accordance with the Government plan of ensuring good roads throughout the country.

Museveni congratulated Christians of the area upon marking 50 years since St. Luke Church of Uganda in Nshwere, Kiruhuura district was established. The First Lady, who is also the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, thanked the people for turning up in large numbers to appreciate God’s blessings since they established the church.

She urged Ugandans to love one another and asked them to support NRM, saying the party has promoted peace and unity among Ugandans. Janet Museveni also called for reconciliation between people of different political ideologies.



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