Pregnancy notes: Your sitting posture is crucial

When a woman becomes pregnant, she starts to make several adjustments to her lifestyle. This includes what to eat, how to sleep and sit. Today, let us focus on the sitting posture.
The way a woman sits during pregnancy has a great impact on her life and that of the unborn baby. Dr Alex Kakoraki, a general practitioner at Murchison Bay Hospital, in Luzira, says a pregnant woman should always sit with her back straight, in order to avoid back pain that that usually develops with sitting in a curved or bent position.

“Pregnant women need to sit in what we call a balanced position, because the extra weight that they carry affects their body muscles,” he says.
When seated on a chair, Dr Kakoraki says pregnant women need to lean back to get support and feel comfortable. However, an expectant mother should not sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes.

“Regular movement in-between sitting prevents the baby from pressing the blood vessels,” he adds.
Routine movements that an expectant mother can undertake include stretching, taking walks around the home or office, depending on where they are. Such movements are good to prevent a woman’s legs from swelling and also improve blood circulation to the body.

“Whenever a pregnant mother is seated, she can spread her legs apart to feel comfortable. Sitting with legs crossed puts a lot of pressure on the pelvis,” notes Dr Kakoraki.

When using a chair that rolls and pivots, a pregnant woman should not twist at the waist while she is seated. Instead, she should turn the whole body. This reduces pressure on the womb.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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