Pregnancy Note: Make priorities while shopping

How prepared should an expectant woman be for labour ? For first-time mothers, there is a tendency to shop so much that some of the things may not be required or even necessary.

Dr Alex Masiko, a general practitioner at Kutesa General Clinic, says while luxury is okay for those who can afford, the focus should always be on buying things that will be used as soon as the baby is born and shortly after. These include items such as clothes, a baby carrier, diapers, sheets, blanket, sleeping coat and wipes. “Feeding bottles or an extra bed can be bought when the mother and baby are out of hospital,” he says.

However, the preparation should not only be about the baby. Dr Masiko says even the mother needs to have essential items such as clean clothing, soap, pads and bed sheet that she will use in and outside hospital.

Dr Masiko says a mama kit is also crucial, as the expected delivery date draws to a close. The mama kit contains the most basic requirements that the mother needs during childbirth. These include a birthing sheet, gloves, cotton wool, antiseptic soap, disposable napkins, razor blade, and thread for tying the umbilical cord.

It may also contain clothes and warm wraps that may be required to use as soon as the baby is born. The benefit is that when labour happens, say along the road and the mother has these essential items, it is easy to get help from well-wishers.

Early preparation
In all this, Dr Masiko says early preparation is important. He aises expectant mothers against last minute shopping, because in the process, the mother may miss out buying some essential items.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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