Preacher man on the move

I ‘m familiar with the right to freedom of worship, but I imagine this operates within some sort of boundaries.
Apparently, you sometimes get carried away by your beliefs that you imagine it is okay to share your convictions wherever and whenever you deem it convenient, with whichever unfortunate soul that falls within your reach.

I can understand this impulse, and misguided as you may be, I am sure you mean good when you repeatedly ambush us at our homes, the streets, and public transport smothering us with the message of hope. You know, like the way a mother clenches her child between her legs to get that injection.

Fortunately, on the street, I can always scamper past you and move on to my business, or endure the noise and threats of eternal damnation for a minute or two when you ambush me in traffic jam.

But what am I supposed to do when you trap me in a three-hour long bus drive? Unfortunately, I always seem to be the only person who has a problem with another passenger forcing me to listen to whatever they want to say, for three freakin’ hours!

I mean is it the fear of the unknown or sheer indifference that holds people back from shutting you up? Just to give you and everyone another perspective, I have come up with a plan to dispense my good news also.

When they least expect it, I will start by issuing a public greeting on a bus. This won’t be because I really care about how their day would have been or end up, nor would I expect the pleasantry to be reciprocated, but this would be to announce my presence and ask for their attention. I will ignore the sneering faces and pretend not to see the snobs shoving earphones into their ears.

But staring into the nothingness, I will feign the confidence of a chicken attempting to eat a snake and start spouting gibberish about my nonexistent pet cat called Steven and how he’s the best cat in the whole wide world and see if no one will attempt to shut me up. Then I’ll conclude by asking how many people would love to have a cat like Steve.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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