PPDU: Zied Lakhdhar re-elected Secretary-General

Zied Lakhdhar was re-elected Secretary General of the Democratic Patriots Unified Party (PPDU) at the end of the party's second congress (Zied Lakhdhar camp) held on April 29 and 30, according to the party's political bureau.

Thouraya Krichen was elected president of the party's central committee.

Here is the new composition of the party's political bureau (Zied Lakhdhar camp), according to the same source.

- Amel Raddaoui

- Samia Mahfoudh

- Ghassen Oueslati

- Mustapha Gara

- Tarak Gara

- Bayrem El Aifa

- Mehrez Manai

- Aymen Aloui

- Zied Lakhdhar

It should be noted that the PPDU leadership (the Mongi Rahoui camp) decided to hold the party's second congress on April 30 and May 1.

The PPDU last June decided to dismiss Mongi Rahoui, the leader of the party, "in application of the provisions of the party's internal regulations and in order to preserve its unity and guarantee the independence of its political positions".

The PPDU attributed the decision to "Mongi Rahoui's insistence on going against the party's position".

In a statement signed by Zied Lakhdhar, the party's secretary-general, the political bureau said that "any summons to the PPDU congress from another party lacks any political or legal legitimacy".

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse