Pope Francis Visit Now Scheduled for Next Year

It is almost official. The Holy Father is on the brink of making a historic visit to the land of the Uganda Martyrs.

According to the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Dr Cyprian Lwanga while officiating at the consecration and inauguration of St Charles Lwanga Parish Ntinda, the Pope has finally given a nod to coming to Uganda next year.

He told the congregation that the Holy Father could not make it to Uganda this year because of his busy schedule. However, after several high level meetings between the leadership of the Catholic Church in Uganda and the Vatican, the Pope’s visit to Uganda is almost a foregone conclusion.

Archbishop Lwanga will soon be travelling to the Holy See to hammer out the final details in regard to the visit. We have also learnt that a powerful delegation of top Ugandan politicians is also slated to visit the Vatican as a way of concretising the papal visit. A source close to the top leadership of the Catholic Church in Uganda reveals the anticipated visit preparations are now almost at 90% success.

More high level information indicates the Holy Father is likely to be in Uganda at next year’s June 3 Uganda Martyrs celebrations. This will be his first visit to the African continent since assuming Papacy last year. It is against this background that the leadership of the Catholic Church is now in high gear to quickly redevelop the martyrs’ shrine at Namugongo.

Insider sources indicate that the Pope is sending an aance team of Missionaries of Africa priests to oversee the redevelopment of Namugongo shrine so that everything0rch tradition and doctrine. The redevelopment is estimated to cost Shs 36bn.

The Church has asked every willing and able Ugandan to contribute a minimum of only Shs1,000 per month. Work has already started.

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Source : The Observer

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