Police to Continue Upholding High Electoral Policing Standards

As you all aware, the Police held a meeting with the Electoral Commission over the conduct of Public consultations, after the Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert flouted the guidelines issued and conducted open campaigns. Also present in the meeting were other aspiring presidential candidates who included; Mr. John Herbert Nkangabwa, Mr. Fred Mwesigye and Mr. Joseph Mwambazi.

After lengthy deliberations, it was resolved that the presidential Aspirants should conduct the consultation meetings in accordance to the Public Order Management Act that regulates the conduct of all public meetings. It was further agreed that the presidential Aspirants along with their teams should meet with the Police management and agree on the venue, security and traffic flow plan.

The preelection period is a very crucial stage in the electoral process since it gives a hint on the initial preparations of political actions, their message and strategies. You will notice that despite the elaborated notifications, under section 3 of the presidential Elections Act, the Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, defied these guidelines and held a motorcade procession from his residence in Magere to Kasangati; endangering the lives of other road users, disrupting traffic flow along the highway, and businesses, his rowdy supporters pelted stones at Police officers on duty, burnt tyres, intimidated bodaboda riders, taxi drivers and passengers; removed road barriers, one of them redirected an active canister into traffic; others were seen recklessly riding on car rooftops.

And we would like to fault the media, for reporting poorly and instead amplified the inciteful messages, broadcasting false information about the death of an infant to inflame tensions, failure to bring out the violent scenes perpetrated by sponsored youth gangs crime like B13 members, who were seen getting briefs from Eddie Mutwe, a close associate to Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert.

It is therefore, significant that we share the images of the open campaigns exhibited by Hon. Kyagulanyi, in form of an illegal procession from his residence, the provocative and violent clashes with the Police. These violent acts are counterproductive and cannot be condoned, due to the potential risk of further escalation into crisis.

We, therefore, call upon the media to play their crucial role of informing the public and disseminating information based on facts and accuracy, to avoid compromising our country's national security.

We once again, urge all the aspirants to abide by the law and follow the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission. The Police is prepared to protect all peaceloving and lawabiding Ugandans, and will also ensure all those who act criminally are arrested and charged to court.

Source: Uganda Police Force


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