As you are all aware, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Mathias Mpuga, revealed how one of their supporters, Mzee Constantine Muhonja, was allegedly tortured for two weeks and succumbed to injuries inflicted to him. Although the Leader of Opposition, suspected torture, we would like to inform him, the bereaved family and the public, that an inquest was conducted by a coroner, who exonerated police after he determined the death of the 80-year-old ADF suspect, as accidental fall death, following a bathroom slip and fall at Kireka detention facility.

The victim was arrested after the counter-terror task teams obtained information from the 4 ADF suspects who implicated him as an ADF collaborator, who facilitated the movement of recruits from Uganda to the DRC and also received ADF operatives from the DRC to Uganda. The 4 ADF suspects who implicated him include; Katende Moses alias Mao, a 19-year-old resident of Kutano, Jinja Karoli in Kawempe, Abdulatif Balikoowa alias Mzee alias Bako alias Kyalimpa, a 54-year-old resident of Maganjo zone, Adam Woduma Guloba alias Rasta alias Frank alias Kabembe of Kazo – Angola zone and Musana Faisal a 19-year-old resident of Busei village in Iganga who participated in the attack on Busiika police station, killed two police officers, robbed two guns and burnt the station.

Upon his arrest, he was transferred to the detention facility in Kireka, where he was detained with 12 others, pending charges of terrorism and for belonging to a terrorist organisation. It is unfortunate that he fell in the bathroom and collapsed dead. However, it is important to note that fall-injuries in bathrooms increase with age.

All the rightful procedures were followed beginning with an inquest, to identify the person who died, the date and place of the persons death, the cause and manner of death. During the coronial investigation, sufficient documentary evidence was gathered, the twelve suspects with whom he shared custody were interviewed and cause of death established as an accidental fail death that led to a fatal chest injury. The coroner found an evidence of police misconduct, torture or ill-treatment against the suspect while in custody.

We would like to warn individuals and groups especially from the opposition, to stop their witch-hunt of our specialised crime suppression groups, and instead focus on eliminating individuals involved in acts of hostilities against Ugandans and in violation of rule of law, within their political groups. Such members if untamed, will continue to pose grave risks to Ugandans and law enforcement personnel.

As we conclude, the leadership of the UPF and other sister security agencies, continue to exercise oversight of our Joint Counter-terror task teams to ensure transparency, accountability, and that they act within the confines of the law. Where there is evidence of discriminatory treatment, misconduct or other criminality, officers are held to account through the legal system, without fear or favour.

Source: Uganda Police Force