Police arrested for helping criminals

Police in Luweero District have arrested their own, an officer in charge of Luweero Central Market Police Post, for allegedly working with a criminal gang, responsible for acts of robbery, murder and gang rape in Luweero and Wobulenzi towns.

According to Luweero District Police Commander Godfrey Ninsiima, Corporal Hussein Ssewaka, 49, has been linked to a notorious gang, “B13”, based at Galuweero Zone in Luweero Town Council with reports indicating that he gives them information regarding police operations, and that he is involved in criminal acts, including smoking opium.

“We have been monitoring the movements and activities of our own police officer after getting information that he was closely working with the “B13” gang which is on the police wanted list of criminal elements in Luweero District,” Ninsiima said.

Cpl Ssewaka was arrested with another man who has been using police contacts and premises to alert criminals about possible police operations, in exchange for money. Police also arrested two retired soldiers attached to Luweero Central Police for being in possession of opium and military uniforms. Sgt William Kaweesi, a retired UPDF soldier was found in possession of a pair of UPDF uniforms at his residence in Galuweero zone during a police operation on Tuesday.

Sgt Kaweesi, however, denied any link to criminal elements, insisting that he had simply forgotten to hand the uniforms over to the UPDF at the time of retiring from the force. Residents at Luweero Central zone claimed that Ssewaka was part of a group causing insecurity, saying that his son is a notorious criminal who only survives because he is protected by his father. “It is good you have arrested ‘Afande Sadam’,” the residents shouted as Cpl Ssewaka was handcuffed by the police operation team.

Mr Topher Gimei, the District Police CIID chief, told the Daily Monitor on Tuesday: “It is sad that our own officer could get involved in criminal acts and try to frustrate our efforts in fighting crime.”

ArrestsLuweero police have arrested about 40 suspects since last week in connection with criminal acts that have rocked Luweero since January. Police recorded five cases of murder in Luweero and Wobulenzi Towns during the month of February while increased cases of gang rape and robbery had also been registered in the same month.

Source: Daily Monitor


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