Police arrest impersonator

SOROTI. Police in Soroti have arrested a man accused of masquerading as commissioner of police in Teso and purporting to be on assignment to clean up the police payroll and streamline promotions in the entire Force.
The East Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr Juma Hassan Nyene, identified the suspect as Peter Allan Asimwe, 42, who claimed to be in charge of economic monitoring and fraud at police headquarters.
Briefing the press on Friday at Soroti Central Police Station, Mr Nyene said for the last one week, Asimwe had been in Amuria District where he had duped police officers and was given an official vehicle meant for the District Police Commander to execute his purported work of economic monitoring.
“While in Amuria District, Asimwe managed to move to all police out-posts with escorts and was promising junior constables that they would get rapid promotions, favourable transfers and have their other challenges addressed,” Mr Nyene said.
Mr Nyene said they verified with the police headquarters in Kampala and found that Asimwe was not a member of the Uganda Police Force.
Mr Nyene, however, admitted that in 2002, Asiimwe was recruited into the Force as Special Police Constable (SPC) but was dismissed after he was arrested and imprisoned.
He noted that by then he was going by the names James Peter Alanyu when he was SPC but he has since changed to Peter Allan Asimwe.
Upon interrogation, Asimwe however, said he was a senior superintendent of police under the Marine Unit.
“We have checked him thoroughly and his passport says he is self-employed,” Mr Nyene told journalists at Soroti Central Police Station.
Police officers were disturbed that they had been saluting a civilian thinking he was a superior.



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