Pocket dictionary :Privacy glass

By: Jude Katende

What is a privacy glass? Why should cars have it, what is its purpose? Those are some of the questions that I know can come to mind when asked about this car part.

Universaltint.com.au explains that a privacy glass is a coloured glass that can come as standard on the back of a lot of newer vehicles. Being a coloured glass with no heat or UV properties does not bring any benefit to the vehicle. The fact that it is slightly harder to see inside the car, means it can also be harder to see out of the vehicle, especially when driving at night, driving in rain, or in underground car parks.

Countries such as Canada and Hong Kong strictly do not accept privacy glass on vehicles; this has to be replaced by clear glass due to safety reasons from a visual aspect. However, not all tinted privacy glasses have darker tints that cannot be seen even from inside. These days, most hatchbacks, station wagons and sport utility vehicles come with standard tints on their privacy glasses and although outside the tint is dark, when inside, you can see clearly.

Is there a difference between a tinted window and a privacy glass?

Yes, ehow.com says tinted windows and privacy glass are used on automobiles for various purposes. For instance, the darker shades both tinted windows and privacy glass provide more privacy when you are inside your vehicle, plus they help dissipate the heat outside, making your car’s interior cooler and helping your air conditioning run more efficiently. Although tinted windows and privacy glass have similar functions, there are several characteristics that differentiate the two.

And here is why. A privacy glass is known for giving privacy and allowing very little light inside your automobile. It consists of a glass that is naturally less transparent than other glasses; consequently, this type of shading lasts as long as the glass does not crack. A privacy glass is placed by the factory that manufactures your automobile, or by the factory that you specifically contract to make privacy glass windows for your car.

Generally, the privacy glass is used on a car’s back windows. In some instances, cars have privacy glass shading on the upper region of the windshield glass to protect your eyes from the sun when you drive. Unlike a privacy glass that is naturally manufactured with a less transparent glass, tinted windows are given a darker shading by applying tinting film to the windows.

These tinting films come in various shades; however, the durability of a tinted window will depend on the quality to the tinting film and installation process. In some cases, tinted windows may develop air bubbles between the glass and the tinting film if the installation is not done properly. Therefore, if you are getting your windows tinted, it is best to choose quality tinting film that is called HP for “high performance,” and you should have a reputable shop place the tinting film. Put simply, a private glass comes standard from the factory while a tinted window is work done by after-market dealerships. You can do the tinting yourself to suit your needs but ensure to remain within the legally accepted traffic limits.

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