PICTORIAL: Schools making good use of Green Ug pullout

Several schools across the country have started using the Sunday Vision newspaper pullout (Green Ug) in their classroom teaching as a way of mitigating the impacts of climate change in the country.

The 15-month project is aimed at highlighting the impacts of climate change and showcasing best climate change practices in schools.

However, this is already being witnessed in schools like St. Elizabeth SS Kidetok in Ngora district, St. Kizito SS Bugolobi, Lubugumu Jamia High School, and Lolachat Seed Secondary School in Karamoja, among others.

The school administration at St. Elizabeth SS Kidetok Elementary School thanked the Greening Schools project coordinators and partners for the newspapers that are supplied to schools for the betterment of climate change.

“We are grateful that our school is one of the 100 secondary schools implementing the Green Schools project,” said the Patron ST. Elizabeth SS Kidetok.

Source: New Vision