Peace Effort: Nearly one million FCFA mobilized by Ganzourgou health workers

A delegation led by the Chief Medical Officer of the Health District (MCD) of Zorgho, Dr Delphin Kaboré presented a sum of 987 thousand 500 CFA francs representing the contribution of health workers in the province to the peace effort and support for internally displaced persons, to the High Commissioner of Ganzourgou, Aminata Sorgho / Gouba, in his office on May 15, 2023.

The health workers of Ganzourgou responded to the call of the President of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, relayed by the Governor of the Central Plateau region, Sy Assétou Traoré, inviting the populations to contribute to the war effort.

Indeed, they mobilized 500,000 FCFA for the contribution to the peace effort and 487,500 FCFA to be given to the director of Radio Laafi, Albert Tarpaga, who initiated through the airwaves of his media, a campaign to collect donations to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the province, for a total sum of 987,500 CFA francs.

For the MCD of Zorgho, Dr. Delphin Kaboré, although some agents are already making their contribution through the subscription forms, it was good form to initiate this operation to respond in a concrete way to the call of the authorities.

Dr Delphin Kaboré (right) presenting the director of Radio Laafi, Albert Tarpaga, with the contribution of health workers to support IDPs.

“We live the situation of insecurity with everyone. We receive IDPs in the health centres. We are affected directly or indirectly by the phenomenon. We therefore cannot remain silent at the call of the first authorities,” said Dr. Kaboré.

He thanked all the agents who responded favorably to the initiative and hoped that this gesture could help somewhere and contribute to bringing peace to the country.

For the first head of the province, Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, health workers are the first to organize themselves to make their contribution.

She thanked the MCD and all health workers in the province for this significant act.

While hoping that this gesture will be emulated within other corporations, she prayed: "May God extend his hand to the country so that the next contributions are for development actions and not to help IDPs, because there will be more”.

She promised to report to the hierarchy for this gesture and directed the donors to the main treasury for the payment of their contribution to the peace effort against receipt of a receipt.

Dr. Delphin Kaboré hopes that the modest contribution can help somewhere.

As for the contribution for the support of IDPs, the envelope was immediately handed over to the director of Laafi de Zorgho radio, Albert Tarpaga, initiator of the collection of donations.

Mr. Tarpaga thanked the MCD and all the health workers and promised to report to the population on the radio antennas while waiting for the official ceremony of handing over the donations collected.

According to him, the campaign he launched has to date collected more than one million 800 thousand FCFA, 2.5 tons of rice, 5.5 tons of sorghum and 10 bags of clothing. .

Source: Burkina Information Agency